Sunday, April 10, 2005

This spanking didn't hurt...

Patterson looked great today until he tired, and it's clear why they left him in until he'd given up two runs... they didn't want to have to put someone in just to lift him for a pinch hitter right afterward. Eischen didn't look so good, but he at least recorded an out. As I'm watching this, Osuna has faced 6 batters and hasn't retired any of them (one was an intentional walk). He let two of Eischen's runners score and has plated 3 of his own, giving up a grand slam to Encarnacion.

Oh, he just got his first out. About time. I'm glad Robinson is leaving him in to mop up his own mess, instead of taking it out on the rest of the bullpen.

Anyway, Armas is making progress, and is soon to throw in a minor league game. Let's hope that when he comes back, they send down Osuna and his 42+ ERA. He seems highly likely to clear waivers at this point...


At 8:35 AM, Blogger Basil said...

Just conjure up an injury for Osuna, and the problem is solved. Heck, he might actually be injured now.


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