Monday, March 14, 2005

Weekend in brief

It's going to be a very busy week for me, so pardon the brevity.

It was an interesting weekend for the Nats. Leaving all game results aside:

  • Armas and Loaiza seem to be progressing as well as can be expected. I'm starting to build up some hope that Loaiza will be average to very good, at least for a little while, before his arm falls off.
  • Osuna threw in his first game yesterday. It required 11 pitches for him to strike out the side.
  • In a vacuum, I wouldn't be worried that Vidro has a hyper-extended elbow. But, with his injury history and the fact that he's only played in three games so far. Is he so fragile that they really have to take it that slow?
  • Feel badly for Zach Day, who has a lot of scrutiny on him now, since his last two outings were "bad" and "utterly horrible". On the other hand, this gives the very deserving Jon Rauch a better shot of breaking into the rotation. Supposedly, Patterson is also pitching very well, and is getting a serious look. I'm sure Day will make the 25-man roster, even if he continues to be putrid. They'll just stick him in the bullpen until he works out of it, and then he'll make his way back into the rotation when we have a starter break down.
  • If you didn't see Angelos' ad in the Post this weekend, it was funny. He basically said, "don't blame me for no TV deal", tried to state as fact that his exclusive territorial rights go all the way into North Carolina or so (as opposed to the DC Border) and then said he was being magnanimous in offering to put the Nationals on the O's network. My hero!


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