Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Ticket time

Single game tickets go on sale noon on Saturday for the exhibition game and all regular season games, except the home opener. Those tickets will be available on March 26th, if there are any to be sold. Besides mini-plan holders getting opening day offers, I have it on very good word that season ticket holders will be able to purchase an additional two tickets to that game. My reading was that, even if you have 8 seats, you can only get two more tickets. According to the Times, the team estimates there may be up to 5,000 tickets available by March 26th, and they may use a lottery system to distribute them.

On the field, the Nats have looked pretty sloppy. The Post actually says Loaiza looked good yesterday against St. Louis, but he gave up almost 2 hits an inning over four innings, which I say is good enough for this time of year, but not "good" per se. Maybe the Post is just up on him because he gave up no runs!

Chavez hasn't been doing well, as he apparently has only 3 hits all spring. Sledge may replace him, because he's one who seems to be impressing. By the way, I don't believe Bowden is overly reluctant to trade Sledge. I think it's just rhetoric to both pump up Sledge's value and to keep Sledge from worrying about it.

Majewski is also not looking good. I'd say he's quickly becoming a long-shot to make the 25-man, since he hasn't looked good in a couple of appearances, and got shelled yesterday.

Another one who is impressing is Ian Desmond, a short stop who is only a year out of high school. Apparently, his defense is phenomenal, and he might actually be able to hit. While there's no chance of this kid starting anywhere other than A ball, the quotes from Robinson and Bowden make it sound like he's quickly putting himself #2 on the depth chart behind Guzman.


At 5:13 PM, Blogger Randolph said...

More from the spring training snap judgement department:

Desmond today -- 0-3 with 3 Ks.

Analysis: He sucks! Run him out of town! He's history's greatest monster!

More seriously -- no walks for the entire Nats lineup against Cleveland. Ouch.


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