Thursday, March 17, 2005

Reason taking over

Apparently, members of the DC council have realized that the proposed private financing plans are all pretty much illusion:
"It's always cheaper for the city to borrow money on its own," said council member Sharon Ambrose (D-Ward 6).

When did the world start to make sense again? If the District really wants to spend money to reduce their financial risk here, then fine. I think it's silly, but at least they should call a spade a spade, and it looks like that might finally happen. Oh, I also like this one:
"The question is, what is the best deal?" said D.C. Council member Jim Graham (D-Ward 1), who voted against the stadium package in December. "What we want from the CFO is, what is the most economical thing to do? This ought not be a shell game."

I think Graham must read this blog...

As for the on-field world, it was good to see Zach Day have a good night. It wasn't so good to see Patterson give up five runs in three plus innings the day before (Rauch gave up one run in two innings). In my mind, Patterson is destined for the bullpen. I think that Rauch has an outside shot if he doesn't have a stinker and Day has another one.

In other sanity, Castilla has only gotten two hits this spring, and the Nats are fiddling with Nick Johnson, trying to solve whatever issue has kept him from realizing his on-field potential, even when he's not injured. And, I keep getting more worried about Vidro...

But not all is right with the cosmos, as Guzman is batting .500 so far. Let's hope he keeps that average up, because it's the most likely way for him to keep that OBP up, too!

As for the Most Valuable Network, I decided I'm not going that route. They were looking to merge me into the current blog, which already has a good, highly prolific writer, and then a guy from Montreal who has pissed me off tremendously with his blind hate for D.C. I think there's a reason that I'm pretty much the only other Nats blog linking to them. It's either that, or the silly name.


At 10:49 AM, Blogger El Gran Color Naranja said...

Blog Wars! You smell!

Yesterday my girl scalded herself (after I warned her that the water would be too hot, but did she listen? No...) and then turned and yelled at me. When people (or Canadian cities) get burned they strike out at convenient targets. I would tell you to give JP another chance, but hey you have the right to be offended the rest of your life if you want. Just food for thought.

About joining MVN - I personally would have been pleased, but three men in a little blog could get crowded.

Links? Well I think most are a reciprical thing, and some are a solely "ask me and I'll do it". I personally think that Nats bloggers just didn't want to link to a "Expos" baseball site. (2 people picked up my original nats baseball blog but never had the exposbaseball one even though it was covering the Nats formation). There's a website out there that links to Nationals blogs but doesn't link to Ball Wonk. If that doesn't tell you there is little rhyme or reason for people than nothing will...ok the name doesn't help.

At 11:41 AM, Blogger John said...

I still read JP's stuff. I recognize he's an award winning writer, despite recently having been too lazy about what he writes to perform basic research, such as when he thought the uniforms hadn't even been revealed.

I personally don't hold a grudge, or I wouldn't have linked to him until you showed up. But, I do know there are people who wouldn't read the blog because it is perceived as lacking that home town passion. I hope you can overcome that, of course.

Plus, you're so damn prolific I would get drown out, just in your writing!

BTW, I did link to your Expos Baseball site, until I saw you moved over to MVN on my own, then I assumed both of your old blogs were dead. I should probably add Expos baseball back in next time I weed through dead blogs.

But, don't think the reason why the MVN blog isn't linked from most places is chance. For a while, some of those guys were linking every blog that showed up for 2 days (myself included). I know that there were people who found out about and started linking to new blogs by seeing them on my site... long after I'd linked to the MVN blog.

BTW, change the name... it feels like it was done to be intentionally obtuse in disrespect to DC fans.

At 9:49 AM, Blogger Chris Needham said...

Don't underestimate laziness as a factor! I've got a list of about 10 blogs I want to add. I just never get around to screwing with the list.


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