Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Slim Pickins

The team has announced partial season ticket plans. The good news is that people who are on the Nationals mailing list by 11AM (or were on the old WBC list) get early access, having the right to buy starting Thursday at 12:01AM. The general public will get their crack starting on Valentine's Day. Of course, there's nothing except 400 and 500 level tickets.

Apparently, if they can get him a visa, there's a good chance that the Expos' old radio announcer will be the radio announcer. And in the lead for a radio deal is now Infinity Broadcasting, who would put them on WJFK.


At 12:18 PM, Blogger Sam said...

I've never heard Elliot Price -- and I was raised on Vin Scully, so I'm a pretty tough audience -- but I really like the idea of bringing the Expo's announcer along. The organization has a difficult challenge to balance the fun of the Nationals being a "New" team, the history of DC baseball, and the team's Montreal legacy. I for one think having an announcer with a good sense of the last topic would ground the team in its recent past in a good way.

Neither here nor there, and let me make clear that I've enjoyed his articles throughout the offseason, but did anyone else feel like today's piece by Barry Svrluga was totally chaotic. It was more news than we've had in weeks, but just totally scrambled throughout the article in a way that was rather hard to follow.


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