Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The lights are on...

Here are more pictures of the RFK construction from NatsFanY2K.

There's not much of note going on, as the team marches toward its first spring training game, one week from today. Here's a rundown of everything that's even remotely notable:


At 11:46 AM, Blogger Basil said...

"which indicates that Bowden is not quite as oblivious as other bloggers seem to think he is..."

Well, he's nothing if not honest, John.

He doesn't know what to expect from Loaiza; he knows not to expect the big, big numeros from Castilla.

It's a strange, yet somewhat refreshing, posture for an exec to take.

At 1:02 PM, Blogger John said...

I agree! While I still don't understand the logic behind Guzman, most of the other moves he has made have made sense to me. I can see what Bowden was thinking, it matches with what he says, and I'm happy to hear it.

I think that he's done an admirable job so far. Granted, I wasn't sure what to think 3 months ago, though.

At 2:37 PM, Blogger tmk67 said...

I think Bowden got off to a roughish start. He could have done better than the Castilla/Guzman signings, and those signings made signing Perez impossible.

But after that misstep, I think he's done a fair job -- the Guillen trade was a nice upgrade, the Loaiza signing is a good and cheap risk, the 40-man roster has been fairly well-maintained (no Rule 5 disasters, that is), the bullpen looks to be very good and very cheap, and bringing in Rijo seems inspired. He even seems to be coming around to recognizing the value of Nick Johnson.

There are some strange NRIs, though, that unfortunately will take away Spring Training playing time from guys we really need to evaluate. Every inning Jeffery Hammonds plays in OF this Spring is one less inning of seeing Larry Broadway, Ryan Church, or Terrmel Slege -- all folks for whom the option clock is ticking. Same for Baerga...whatever time he plays will take away from finding out whether Brendan Harris is a worthwhile utility infielder (I think he is, and the option clock is running on him.) The only benefit to the Baerga signing is that it brings back perhaps the greatest Chris Berman nickname ever -- Carlos "By Land, By Sea", Baerga!


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