Thursday, February 17, 2005

Ex-expos dream team?

If you haven't seen it, Barry Svrluga and Matt Lee of the Washington Post have started a blog documenting spring training. They're giving people a great inside look at the team. They've got such a good inside perspective on the team, as a fan I can't help but hope they keep it up after spring training. Svrluga clearly likes to work, and here's his profile on Tony Armas, Jr. Here's another article Svrluga wrote for today's Post, in which we learn what everybody expected, that Livan Hernandez will probably be the opening day starter.

Reader Backward K sent in the following:
Here is one waste-of-time project that I started on an airplane that I think you might get a kick out of.

Compose the best 25-man roster you can of former Expos/Nationals.
Roster should be appropriately balanced, players must currently be on 40-man roster of another squad.

Here's mine:

OF: Vlad Guerrero, Milton Bradley, Moises Alou
IF: Cliff Floyd, Mark Grudzielanek, Orlando Cabrera, Chris Truby
C: Michael Barrett, Raul Chavez
Bench: Larry Walker (lefty pinch hitter), Carl Everett, Juan Rivera, and Mike Mordecai (back-up IF)

Starting Pitchers: Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Javier Vazquez, Bartolo Colon, Carl Pavano

Relief Pitchers:
Ted Lilly (long relief lefty, spot starter) Dustin Hermanson (righty) Steve Kline (lefty) Rheal Cormier (lefty) Matt Herges (lefty)

Set-Up: Guillermo Mota
Closer: Ugueth Urbina

The bullpen is loaded with lefties (without regard for arm, I would have put in Graeme Lloyd instead of Hermanson, but I felt I needed at least one righty in middle-relief.) But given righties Mota and Urbina as the set-up and closer, it is not bad to have a mess of lefties in the other slots.

Raul Chavez is the only back-up catcher I could find that is still around. Chris Truby is a bit of a stretch at 3B; the only other choice I could find was Geoff Blum. All of a sudden, Vinny Castilla does not seem so bad anymore!

In general, this "alternative universe" outfield looks very strong and the pitching staff is a dream. It is, of course, a $200 million/year salary team. The infield is not that good, however, which surprised me.
Our current infield is clearly better, especially if Vidro and Johnson are healthy.


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