Friday, February 18, 2005

Check out the stadium

NatsFanY2K, a regular poster to the Ballpark Guys forum and a ticket office employee, posted some current photos of the construction, such as this one:

I've been traveling this week, and it's been difficult to keep up with the sea of articles. It's rough, because many of them are mostly content free, but still interesting for the quotes from players that give insight into the people who are coming to town.

The Post reveals some on-the field news today. For example (see bottom): Vargas isn't participating in all drills due to tendinitis. Vargas had a bad year last year, and this problem cropped up in winter ball. Even if he were healthy now, his odds of making the pen out of spring training were a long shot. He's more likely to see some action if he can recover and then tear up AAA.

Additionally, in their profile of Chad Corderro, they reveal that Robinson is worried about Cordero mentally if he's the sole closer, so there's a chance he won't have the job full time going out of spring training. It could be Ayala, or more likely, the two of them will share the duties.

Bill Ladson, the MLB beat writer, has been as busy as the Post in taking a look at players. He's got detailed profiles on Livan Hernandez, Jose Vidro and Brian Schneider.
He also looks briefly at Tony Armas, Jr.

According to the Washington Post's spring training blog, Livan Hernandez and J.J. Davis reported today. Also, they mention that Loaiza had a bit of back stiffness yesterday, but it isn't considered serious.


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