Monday, January 17, 2005

Pitching, Pitching, Pitching

In today's Post article that reports on the Armas contract for 2005, they mention a couple of other nuggets. First, they continue to talk with Loaiza's agent... 3 times on Saturday and once on Sunday. Ugh. I'd stick the guy in the bullpen.

Second, they are talking to Antonio Osuna about a minor league deal. He's had some on-and-off groin injuries, but has pitched reasonably well on the whole, when he pitches.

I remember watching him in his short stint with the Yankees. He started off looking pretty good for a middle reliever, then seemed to crack under the pressure of being in NY. He did well for San Diego last year, but he didn't pitch much (36.7 IP, 1.17 WHIP, 2.45 ERA). I think he'll be a nice pick-up, and expect he'll have a good shot of ending up in the bullpen out of spring traning, if he's healthy, particularly since that's a place where we lack quality depth.


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