Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The money will roll right in

Applications for purchasing the Nats must be submitted by January 31, in an effort to get the team sold by opening day.

Also, the deadline has passed for submitting private financing packages. Eight groups submitted offers falling into three categories: Parking revenues in exchange for cash, development rights for nearby land in exchange for cash, and tax sheltering investment schemes. I predict that any scheme where investors make out via tax shelters will be unpopular with tax payers, and are non-starters. The other two seem reasonable... one of the development projects would build a town center just north of the park (right across the street from it and the metro stop there). They would provide enough money to cover many infrastructure costs, too. I suspect the city will go for that one, and maybe even a parking plan. As I've said before, it's hard to say that the city is going to get the best possible deal, considering the pressure to get something done here.

Also, the official spring training schedule for 2005 has been released. Included is confirmation that the RFK exhibition game on Sunday, April 3, with game time at 1:05pm.


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