Monday, January 10, 2005

Meet Allen Lew

The Post has a profile of Allen Lew, who is the head of the D.C. Entertainment and Sports commission. He built the convention center, and now he's renovating RFK and building a stadium in Anacostia, we hope.

There's also a tremendously interesting editorial from Ralph Nader, who suggests that D.C. should buy the team. I think it's a great idea, but I doubt the city will listen!

There hasn't been any recent on-field news of note, though it will be good to have Beltran in town frequently throughout the year (though maybe not from the perspective of the Nationals W/L record). There was a rumor coming out of Arizona that we bid on Shawn Estes and "lost" to AZ, but I don't think there's any loss in missing out on a guy who had negative VORPs the past two years, despite pitching full seasons. Not only is he worse than the average AAAA-type player, in 2003 he was a lot worse, posting the fourth-worst VORP in the league (-16.6). Why would anyone want this guy over Rauch? Okay, maybe prior to 2002 he put up numbers becoming of a #4 starter or so, but those days are long past...


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