Friday, December 24, 2004

Scrooge has nothing on this guy

In other Christmas-y news, potential owners are jockeying to be the one to get the only 300M+ toy that they have in stock. Local favorite Fred Malek has already plunked down his deposit.

Unfortunately, Ebenezer Angelos is whispering to everyone in sight that he's "prepared to sue" if MLB doesn't give him what he wants... and what he wants is not just some ridiculous value guarantees, but also more than half of the television revenues. This is a huge roadblock for ownership groups, even though Ebenezer has no territorial rights to Washington, and would probably lose any lawsuit.

And, Angelos would like to remind you that there's one more hurdle to keeping the Nationals long term. By March 15, the city CFO has to re-estimate land acquisition and infrastructure costs. If the estimate comes in over $165M, then the legislation demands the city find a new place to put a ballpark, which MLB would reject. Fortunately, the original estimate was $115M, so a nearly 50% increase is pretty unlikely.

But, the feds are in the Christmas spirit... they're going to be kicking in about $6M a year to stadium costs, via a utility tax.


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