Friday, December 24, 2004

Restocking the minors

The Nationals signed a ton of players to minor league contracts, and invited 10 to spring training. Rickey Henderson didn't get an invite. Read the article for details on the 10 invited, and a list of the rest.

There's a fluff piece at MLB, interviewing backup infielder Jamey Carroll about Christmas. All Jamey should want for Christmas is to make the 25-man roster. Happy holidays, and all that.

Speaking of people hoping to make the roster for Christmas, the Bladen Journal, covering Bladen county, NC, has an article on Rule 5 draftee, Tyrell Godwin, the guy who can run, and that's about it. I have sympathy for the guy, and I hope since he's focused so much on his education, he becomes a better hitter, and displaces Endy Chavez...


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