Friday, December 03, 2004

Owners vote today

The MLB owners are expected to vote on moving the Nationals to D.C. today. This is obviously just a formality, even with Angelos not on board. At worst, Seattle, San Fransisco and one or both of the New York franchises might vote no or abstain, because they have all had nearby cities looking to relocate teams that would potentially impede their market.

Selig also said the deal D.C. made is not open to renegotiation. No surprise there. Selig did, on behalf of baseball, give a $100,000 grant to refurbish D.C.'s Fort Greble Rec Center.

Another ESPN sports writer, Jim Caple, rightfully disses Bowden and MLB over the Nationals.

Also, ESPN has a funny follow-up on their fan uniform design contest for the Nats at the bottom of this article. The topic is Ball Wonk's design, which looks particularly phalic.


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