Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Minor transactions

For stadium watchers, MLB has given some concessions, and the deal is expected to pass with flying colors today. Looks like the city will have even more people sitting in front of me, now! The post also has a great editorial on Bowden's bad moves.

I've no time to do real analysis of yesterday's transactions, there was nothing too exciting anyway, just rounding out the bench. We picked up Wil Cordero to play the bench, and be a clubhouse leader, even though he's well known as a particularly bad role model. If we'd gotten Larkin, I would have been lobbying for him as an everyday player. I can't do that with Cordero. Ron Calloway got designated for assignment to make room, no big loss. We also signed Jeffery Hammonds to a AAA deal, whom Baltimore had once selected as a first-round draft pick, who I expect will probably end up on the bench, because he used to be a promising prospect and a good hitter, even though he hasn't looked so hot since about 2000.

We picked up 2 people for the 25-man roster in the Rule 5 draft, outfielder Tyrell Godwin and third baseman Tony Blanco. ESPN has some analysis, and basically says Goodwin is fast but light hitting, with very low batting numbers for AA ball. Tony Blanco has no plate discipline. It seems like Godwin isn't worth more than a pinch runner, and I wouldn't be surprised if we gave him back.

For AAA, we picked up pitcher Victor Prieto, infielder Edgar Gonzalez and outfielder Cedrick Brooks. We then turned around and sold Prieto to the Red Sox. We picked up 4 for the AA roster, and lost 2 pitchers on our AAA roster.


At 9:36 AM, Blogger tmk67 said...

I do not understand the Godwin pick. We could have picked up a lefty reliever like Luke Hagerty, who has a much better chance of staying on the 25-man than a speedy outfielder. (How many OF do we need, anyway...Wilkerson, Chavez, Sledge, Guillen, Hammonds, Godwin?)

I like the Blanco pick, he has a chance of sticking. He can compete against Brendan Harris for back-up IF role and has shown power. Harris is a bit more versatile but has less power. Blanco is a classic Rule 5 pick that makes sense--not perfect, but could be a useful bench player for an area you need depth (as the Nats do in the IF).

At 9:45 AM, Blogger John said...

I agree wholeheartedly. We need help in our pen and on our bench. Another light fielder buys us nothing. The thing that shocks me is that the pick that seems better was in the second round. My Angelos conspiracy theory continues to take shape!


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