Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Adventures in the Trailer Park

I took a trip to the team store this morning to get myself a fitted road cap and a jersey. I got there at about 10:30, and they had a line well out the door, and around the corner. They were metering people going in, and the line for the register inside the store wrapped around the entire inside. I should have brought a camera, it was quite a sight.

On display were the actual Day and Sledge uniforms that the athletes would have modeled had the ESPNZone thing happened. They looked pretty good. The links I posted last monday work again, and Ball Wonk is showing the same images. They're just drawings, though, and don't show off the gold in the design well. Here's a picture of the lettering (click for bigger picture):

The road uniform looks damn good, and has similar gold trim but I didn't buy one, so no pictures right now.

I found the patch on the home jersey really interesting (again, click for more detail):

Established 1905, eh? I'm surprised those guys in Minnesota didn't object to that.

I also sauntered over to the season ticket trailer, and had a chat with a sales rep. There's still time to change preferences, add seats, etc. before they assign seats and mail out invoices in early January. There will be some program for trading in seats to get other seats... e.g., I will want to bring a group of four people occasionally, even though I'm only buying two tickets. The rep didn't know how many extra tickets season ticket holders would be able to buy for opening day, though (they haven't gotten that far, yet). She also didn't know what was so special about the infield loge box to make it just as expensive as the field box.


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