Thursday, November 04, 2004

Thanks to Alex at Bronx Banter

Alex Belth, the author of my favorite Yankees blog, Bronx Banter, has sent this way some other transplanted Yankees fans ready to support NL baseball. Thanks, Alex!

Coach Waddles indicated in a comment that he hasn't had much exposure to the NL. I too have always paid far more attention to the AL than the NL, and I suspect most D.C. baseball fans are the same way, particularly since the closest thing to a home team was previously the Orioles. I'm looking forward to it as well, and part of my personal motivation for doing this blog is to get myself up to speed!

I'll definitely keep the blog updated with the latest news and rumors affecting the team, including the naming process. As I mentioned yesterday, it sounds like there's a good chance that we'll have a name by the end of this month. I wonder if they've already decided, particularly since the color scheme for includes the color grey. It's definitely the name I'd prefer! Many of the life-long D.C. residents I know would like to keep the Senators, but I never liked the name, and it is a name that is almost synonymous with mediocrity. Plus, I do remember reading a few months ago that the Texas Rangers retain the rights to the name. I wonder if they would require any significant compensation.


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