Thursday, November 04, 2004

Rumor: Guillen to D.C. team

According to MLB, the Angels are looking to move Jose Guillen, and the implication is that our team is the most likely target. You may remember that the Angels suspended Guillen for the last couple of weeks of the season, and then left him off the postseason roster, all for throwing a hissy fit when he got lifted for a pinch runner.

I thought at the time this was truly bizarre behavior by the Angels, even if Guillen had been an ongoing clubhouse cancer, since he was a significant part of the Angels offense, batting a respectable .294 with a .352 OBP and slugging .497, with 27 home runs.

Guillen has one year and $3.5M on his contract. There's no indication on what we would trade, so this one doesn't feel very real yet. Nonetheless, I think he'd be a good pickup, and offense is clearly a big need. I think there would be a lot of people worried that he might continue to be a cancer, but I'd personally take that chance, particularly since it seems that he has a good relationship with Bowden, from when Bowden picked him up for the Reds. Plus, he's only got one year left on his contract, so if it's not a good fit, we won't be saddled with him long term, unless we give him an extension on acquiring him. Combine the possible personality issues with the fact that we don't have real owners yet, and I would speculate that, even if we get him, an immediate extension is unlikely.


At 11:01 PM, Blogger Olivier said...

If they don't re-sign Batista (why bother? Unless he accepts the same price), I think they can outright eat the contract. Let's see:

Last Year's payroll: 41 Millions (According to USA Today). Right there, you can substract 2 millions on Diaz's salary that was eaten up by the indians. So 39 Millions.

Substract Everett (3m.), Biddle (1.95 Mil!!!), Cabrera (6 Mil) and Batista (1.5 mil): that's 13.5 Mil. right there, so they sit at 26.5 mil. I know Livan is going up to 8mil. this year, so +2 there; vidro stays the same, Wilkerson is arb eligible I think (+1.5mil?), Johnson may stay put (let's say +.5m.) so that's 30.5 mil. right there. The two remaining cases are Armas and Okha.

Tomo, you keep him. But he's pretty good, so he may go up to 4mil. Let's be pessimistic and say +2mil. We stand at 32.5mil.

So what's next? Guillen is a LF. That's annoying, cuz we'd rather need a CF. Can he play CF? Baseball prospectus says he playd 14 games there since 1997. Ick. So Maybe you put Wilkerson in CF? That's not a good idea methinks. So you got Wilkerson and Guillen manning the Corners. What's left is a hole in CF and Endy Chavez, Terrmel Sledge, Ryan Church and Juan Rivera. Of those, Chavez and Church are the only CF.

Every single rememberance of Frank Robinson's behaviour in the last three seasons tells me that Endy Chavez has some utterly comprimising pictures of Frank and something else.

So my Modest Proposal for Jose Guillen is: Forget it. I almost said: "give Armas Jr. and sledge to anaheim for him" but really, once again, why bother? Stick Rivera in RF with Sledge (they'll give you 90% of the production at 20% of the price), dump chavez in the potomac while Frank's busy waxing poetics with the media and watch Church actually draw some walks and hit some line drives.

At 6:51 AM, Blogger ExpatriatedNEGuy said...

You guys know more about the numbers than I, but getting a guy like Guillen in the last year of his contract, and all the incentive that comes with that, should keep him in line. I'd be leery of a longer deal though. All in all, I'd say pull the trigger. The offense can only help.

At 7:40 AM, Blogger John said...

Actually, when they extended Livan's contract, I think his 2004 salary took a cut to 4M, so that's an additional 2M. But, there are rumors that we're going to get to spend more money this year, because the market is inevitably going to produce more revenue than Montreal. Maybe they'll actually try to sign one hot item to a long-term backloaded deal in advance of new owners as a centerpiece, but as much as I can dream about Beltre instead of Batista, I doubt it!

As for Guillen, I say pull the trigger, then deal with the outfield logjam. Sure, there's a big need for a good center fielder, but we need offense even more. Personally, I'm already used to rooting for a team with a center fielder with horrible range and a horrible arm!

At 10:12 AM, Blogger Knuckles said...

I'd go after Guillen in a heartbeat; this team is going to need all the talent it can get for the first couple years down here.

I'd also make sure he doesn't become roomies with any of the following: Kwame Brown, Sean Taylor, or Freddy Adu.

Over/under on his first 'altercation' at somewhere like Dream or Nation: 35 games.


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