Thursday, November 25, 2004

Nationals acquire J.J. Davis

Bowden acquired OF J.J. Davis from the Pirates to be a bench player. To get him, Bowden traded away prospect Antonio Sucre.

Our scouting director, Dana Brown, said in the article, "I think J.J. will be in a position to help us next year, where Sucre was a down the line guy. He is a few years away."

Davis, who will be 26 for next season, was a first-round draft pick in 1997. He's only gotten 87 PAs in 3 years in the majors, and has hit .163/.236/.213 over them. And, the Pirates would have given him a bit more of a chance last year, but the mere 25 games he played were interrupted by hand and hip injuries.

The scouting report on Davis is that he can't hit breaking pitches at all, and doesn't deal with change of speeds well. This guy is no better than a prospect himself, and he's been around the block enough that he shouldn't be at this point.

Sucre is only one year into his career. He's fast, but has some developing to do, for sure, hitting just .240/.307/.413 in A ball. That's no so impressive that I'm going to cry about the raping of our farm system, particularly since many hitters have problems with breaking pitches when they first get to the majors. Leaving Davis on the bench most of the time is no way to fix the problem, though.


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