Thursday, November 18, 2004

More on season tickets

This will probably be a short update today, as I'm staying in a hotel with no net access, and am at a conference with a slow link... about 1Kb/hour.

Season tickets officially went on sale today. The Post reports that single-day prices will be a little higher. Smaller packages won't go on sale until about January and single tickets in February.

They also reported that the Diamond Box seats are $90 a game, and come with "a pre-game buffet, wait service and other ammenities". What other ammenities? Do I get a diamond encrusted seat or a free diamond? I was going to do this, but considering I'll be eating a lot of costs when I have noone to go with or can't go at all (and can't dump the tickets), I guess I'm going for the infield box, now.

Either way, I'll be looking for people to go to games with and to take pairs of tickets when I can't go next year. If you've got interest, feel free to contact me via email... it's


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