Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Interview with Tony Tavares radio had an interview with the team president Tony Tavares today. Some interesting tidbits were presented in it:

1) He's completed a ticket deal and will announce it tomorrow. He mentioned a backlog of people waiting for tickets that is several thousand long. Unless this is the DC Baseball Club list, I don't know what list he's talking about, and I'm therefore not on it. I hope I can get good seats without being one of the first 100 in line!

2) MLB is not going to wait for owners to decide on a name and team colors. They will make a decision and announce in about three weeks.

3) His gut is that there will be ownership by May, but he certainly doesn't know for sure.

4) Food service and merch deals are done. They're making progress in getting everything lined up to do stadium renovations.


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