Saturday, November 06, 2004

D.C. baseball may be in serious jeapordy

Wow, I turn around after that last whopper of an entry to find out that this morning's Post has 5 articles on the Expos.

Most of it isn't really news. They report on the name, but the Post and ESPN agree that no decision seems to be made. From ESPN:

"However, baseball spokesman Rich Levin said reports that the Expos would be renamed the Nationals were premature. Levin said other names, such as the Senators, remain under consideration and that baseball still was conducting focus groups."

Interestingly enough, the Post mentions a fact I'd never heard, that the Grays were based in Pittsburgh. I just picked up a copy of Beyond the Shadow of the Senators, and it indicates that, indeed, it was a Pittsburgh based team until 1940, but moved most of its home games to DC at that point, and achieved its greatest success here.

There's an opinion piece discussing how Linda Cropp (city council chairwoman) has reneged on her word to MLB by withdrawing her support for the Mayor's plan and introducing her own. It points out that there's a very real risk that we won't keep the team without the Anacostia site. It also expresses bewilderment that she would buckle under minor opposition she had to see coming, particularly since the site is right downtown in an area that needs gentrification badly, and would displace few people. This one is definitely worth reading yourself.

One other thing that article does is point out how ineffectual DC politics have been wrt. sports, mentioning the Redskins' inability to get DC to agree on a stadium, right where Cropp is proposing to build one now. Another article goes into more detail on the plight of that poor plot of land. This one points out that the people around RFK are vehemently opposed to the new construction.

Another opinion piece faults the Mayor for not doing a good enough job lobbying.

Reading between the lines, I'm going to guess that the Mayor needs to fix this quickly to keep MLB from going to NOVA, particularly since NOVA legislation runs out at the end of the year. For me, NOVA is better, but I'll be a fan either way. Let's hope they don't choose some third option.

In a final article, the post repeats that the schedule has been changed a bit, but says that there are only 25 conflicting days now, not 28. Whatever, I'm not going to any O's games anyway, even if just to boycott Angelos.

The first article cites Tavares as saying that ticket ordering information will be available on Monday, and he hopes there will be a number for purchasing season tickets by the middle of the week. I can't wait for that one. I hope that the price range is closer to that of the O's ($953-$1863 per seat last year) than the Braves (up to $3735 per seat). I wonder how easy it will be to offload unused tickets...


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