Friday, November 19, 2004

Baseball Prospectus on our free agent signings

Stat-heads continue to dump all over Bowden's signings. An article over at Baseball Prospectus (requires paid subscription) is the latest entrant.

They suggest that Brendan Harris, a AAA player we got when we traded Cabrera, would do about as well as Castilla as a third baseman at a small fraction of the cost. They also argue that keeping Izturus would have been just as effective at short, saying "Allowed to play, he'd probably be a good comp for Guzman, with more OBP and defense, but less speed and power." And much, much, much cheaper.

But my favorite quote in the article is this gem:

How damning is it that you can sign Vinny Castilla to a multi-year contract and have that be the 'good' deal you made that day?

I still can't get over that, considering how MLB already depleted our farm system once they took over ownership, Bowden doesn't seem to care about restocking it, as he is spending lots of money and giving up draft picks for sideways moves. Conspiracy theorists wonder if he isn't taking extra money under the table from Peter Angelos.


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