Thursday, November 11, 2004

Back to baseball

It looks like there is no serious opposition to the Anacostia site anymore, so I'm happy to get back to baseball. While there still hasn't been an announcement on season tickets, there have been some interesting items that have come up. Bowden has confirmed that he's going after the 41 year-old Barry Larkin for shortstop, who is old enough that he should be available at a pretty low price. Who wants to place a bet on how long he'll spend on the D.L. this year?

Also, the Post reported a few weeks ago that our ending payroll for 2004 was $38M (though, more recently I've seen $41M). They're now reporting that it looks like it will be $50M to $55M, though Tavares and Bowden have received no official word.

That article also points out that Bowden made a whopping 100+ trades in his decade in Cincinnati, which should give me plenty to babble about in the off-season.

I'm back from travel tonight, so I expect to have another profile up by tomorrow morning.


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